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Get Your Coaches Kit

Teach your athletes the importance of respectful, non-violent relationships with this complete set of tools.

The Coaches Kit includes the CBIM Card Series, the CBIM Playbook, and additional References & Resources to support your program implementation. Use these tools to talk with your athletes about respect for women and girls, and that violence doesn’t equal strength. Through CBIM, athletes learn skills to avoid violence and abuse in their relationships.

We welcome your use of CBIM. Upon ordering materials, you will be asked to agree to licensing terms. If you have questions regarding the licensing agreement, or your use of CBIM, please email us at

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Coaches Kit

Full Coaches Kit (Hard Copy) - Currently Out of Stock
The Coaches Kit guides coaches through each training session to address respect, integrity, and non-violence with athletes. Additional resources are provided to support coaches and help them share CBIM their greater school and community.

We are currently ordering more hard copy Coaches Kits. In the meantime, please feel free to download and print your own CBIM Coaches Kit materials in the Coaching Boys Into Men store. 



The CBIM Playbook is the foundation of the program. It will be a useful tool for you throughout the season.


Card Series
The Card Series will help you teach your athletes about respect for themselves, others, and the women and girls in their lives through a series of twelve weekly Trainings.



CBIM Overview
Welcome to the Coaching Boys Into Men program!


Getting Started
Planning your season with Coaching Boys into Men.


References and Resources
The Card Series cites additional resources that cannot be found in the CBIM Playbook or Coaches Kit. Refer to these References & Resources for more information to help you lead the program effectively. Full hard copy kit includes a sample sports reporter letter to engage the press, instructions for hosting a Fan Pledge Day, a sample school radio script, and a CD with digital copies of all of the materials.